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April 26th, 2013, 09:04 PM
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First of all, you're not legally obligated to tell him, but I think you should, for a couple of reasons. First, he needs to know so he'll be more careful to to let it happen again. Second, you do have the right to expect financial help from him, including health insurance though the military, should you wish to have it. Third, though he may freak out, there's also the possibility he'll step up to he plate and be part of your support network.

As for the career aspect, many, many women have maintained successful and demanding jobs during pregnancy and I would not consider ending this new life based on that. You sound motivated and driven and with the support of friends and family I think you'll do great! Honestly, the moment you first see that tiny beating heart on the screen or feel the first flutters of movement you're going to be so excited and in love.

Best wishes, congratulations on your tiny little one, and let us know how things go!
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