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April 26th, 2013, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by alittlelost View Post
I would just get AWAY From the Rockin Green--most cloth diaper moms I know don't recommend it and say they have had problems with it. Try Country Save, BumGenius detergent, or heck, even TIDE! This sounds like an issue with the wash routine. Detergent aside, what is your wash routine? You may need more/less detergent, an extra rinse, etc. You can also try line-drying/sunning and then popping in the dryer to fluff. Also, until the rash is gone, you may want to do some naked time or use fitteds without covers for breathe-ability.
honestly, i dont think its the detergent. i have been through several brands now and with the charlies we used it since she was born with no reactions and then all of the sudden there is rash.

Originally Posted by MerinSun View Post
I was thinking of this post today. How do you store your soiled diapers? Do you use a closed wetbag or laundry bag? We use an open one so that the air can get to them and we never smell ammonia on them.
Ive normally kept it open, occasionally i will set the lid on top but it is not sealed on. either way same problem

Originally Posted by countrygirl95648 View Post
A common way to get a urine smell out is using Vinegar. Sometime when my old towels smell musty or like now when I am raising a litter of 9 puppies I use vinegar in the wash and it safe and the smell is gone. I use a homemade detergent of borax, baking soda super wash and fels naptha, I ad the vinegar where the fabric softener goes. Works for the smell, safe for the baby. Also here is some info from another mom that has a diaper rash problem...
Chronic Diaper Rash on Your Baby? You're Not Alone! - Yahoo! Voices -
i thought of vinegar because i use it on towels for this same reason. Bumgenius recommends against it though
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