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April 26th, 2013, 09:34 PM
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Last year we grew strawberries, 3 kinds of cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, swiss chard, green onions, yellow onions, baby carrots, mint, snap peas, bush beans, and yellow crook neck squash. We also planted two blueberry bushes.

This year, we're adding a large raised bed which will give us about double the growing space! I will do all of the stuff mentioned above in larger quantities, plus probably try to grow pole beans, a small patch of zucchini, some pattipan squash, and pumpkins (our pumpkins didn't make it last year!). I'm hoping the blueberry bushes will start to produce next year... it usually takes 3 years for them to start producing berries. I want to grow a lot this summer since Jamison will be able to eat what we grow!
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