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April 26th, 2013, 10:38 PM
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Oh, hon. I'm so sorry. If it helps, I have marked this pregnancy with continuous thoughts of "if I hadn't have miscarried, our baby would be _____ old." I think it's a natural part of the grieving process to be grateful for the little one we have growing now, but still hurt for the one we lost. I started bawling reading your post because my 1 year of my miscarriage date is coming up, and this is all pretty raw right now.
I do tease my husband, though, that the reason we are having twins is because I've been praying so hard and often for a little one to bless our family, and my prayers got back logged so God must have heard them all at once and assumed I wanted more than one.
You are never "wrong" to feel something. It is still ok to miss and long for that baby you lost even though another is on its way. That would be ridiculous to expect this baby to replace that one in your hopes, dreams, and heart.
Hugs to you! The aches and memories of miscarriage do come less often with time. It gets better.
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