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April 26th, 2013, 11:06 PM
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Me and birth control don't get along too well. I tried the mini pill after my first period came and I was on it for 3 days then started bleeding and I bled for another 6 days (longer than my actual period) and I got off of it. I pretty much stopped bleeding immediately. I had something similar with depo, except I was on it for a year and bled all year long. So, when I had bled for 6 days straight immediately following my period, I told myself I wasn't putting myself through it again and just got off of it. I'll do the NFP, OPK's and pull & pray method. NFP worked for us in between baby #2 and #3 (didn't have to worry about #3 to #4 since DH had a vasectomy - then a reversal later).
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