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April 26th, 2013, 11:21 PM
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I'm starting to get a bit concerned... Baby Penguin kicks me maybe twice or three times during the day but I swear once it hits 8pm or 9pm she starts kicking and punching away! I'm concerned because does this mean she's going to be up and active at night and sleep during the day when she's born? When I wake up to go to the bathroom at night and get back in bed I can seriously count about 20 or more movements before falling back to sleep >_< Someone told me I should "shake" my belly during the day to wake her up but I just feel like that's wrong and possibly dangerous to baby! I guess if it is an indicator of her sleep cycle I will just have to get used to sleeping during the day along with her lol

How about you ladies? When is your baby the most active?
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