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April 27th, 2013, 12:44 AM
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When Avrey was born he failed his hearing test and they said he has a lot of amniotic fluid in his ears. He had another one at like 2-4 weeks old and failed again so they did a more extensive one with electrodes on his head reading his brain waves. They said he passed that one and assured me everything was ok. They said I could take him back at about 6 months so of course I did. Took him Wednesday and the same one he failed as a newborn, he got a reading ths time but they said it was low. She did a test on the middle ear and the left came back low and the right failed. She looked in his right ear and he had wax built up in there and couldn't see the eardrum. She said sometimes when they fail its due to fluid in the ear. Went back to the dr today and they flushed the wax out so he can repeat the hearing test. At this point they don't know if he has hearing loss or if its fluid in the ears which he says he sees little fluid in both ears. Depending on how test comes back, the dr is gonna refer him to ENT to see if its hearing loss or fluid and if he will need tubes. I was wondering if anyone else dealt with anything like this. Never went through this with my older two.

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