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April 27th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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Becca bear in mind my Daniel preferred Infacol but Michaela prefers gripe water. So if Infacol doesn't work try the alternatives!

Between a cold, jobhunting, clearing out, Michaela being a trouble at night, and planning for my angel workshop (those of you on FB will likely have seen about it) tomorrow night, this week has just run away with me.

I keep thinking "I must come over to UK mummies and check in" - I see most of you on FB but a few not.

I agree Lou, I wish I wasn't so stretched, I'm not sure I can even realistically keep all the boards I've got at the moment though. Really it needs at least one host who will post at least one question a day for everyone to respond to, because that keeps it moving. I will try when I can but as you can see I'm pretty snowed under atm. I haven't been on JM much at all this week.

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