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April 27th, 2013, 02:23 PM
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I'm very sensitive too and just a little over 2 weeks into parenting my own child I have already really distanced myself from a lot of people including some family members.
I picked up LO when he started fussing and got told "babies need to scream and cry". Really what need is that!? How does that help my child in any way, he's a newborn!
I've been told my child will starve to death because I'm EBF and that he needs to be given bottles. Hmm well he gained a whole pound in his first two weeks so I'm positive I'm not starving him.
When we had him baptized last weekend everyone wanted to hold him and I put my foot down and said absolutely not he's only a week old. Well that really irritated some family members who told me he needs to be passed around to help his immune system and so that he likes being held by everyone.
I want my child attached to me, to trust me always, and know that I'm there for him. I don't plan on leaving him with anyone except DH for a very long time, and even that wouldn't be for long since I'm EBF. I know everyone has a different opinion but I just don't understand having a child if you pretty much want nothing to do with them and expect them to STTN from the start.

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