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April 27th, 2013, 06:20 PM
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Hey ladies, I was here before but so much has been going on lately that I havent posted in forever. I also will admit when I was posting it was more in sept as I had some confusion with my due date...nothing personal, just me trying to post in theright spot. Anyway, my name is Sarah and I have 1 daughter named Athena with my husband, Eric. I am due Oct 1st and up to this point Ive had not so bad of a pregnancy except for one day last week I woke up with a gush of blood. Baby is ok and they said it was most likely a cervical vessel that broke but that bleeding stopped and I needed a follow up with my dr 2 days later. I went and they said everything looked fine but the nurse put me on pelvic rest until my regular dr comes back and sees me for my next appt which is 2 weeks from now. Im going insane, Erics going insane, but Im afraid if I take myself off pelvic rest something will happen to the baby, so Im really trying to be good. Sorry for the long post but Im also having a tough moment and just hit a nerve.
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