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April 27th, 2013, 08:02 PM
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Sounds like my son. Sometimes. He will roll around when it's bed time and it can take him 30 minutes or more to fall asleep, and he also runs off the bed. I stopped bringing him back onto the bed, I lay there quiet and the lights are off and he will come back on his own. He does this when he is "tired" but not bed ready. He will show signs of sleepyness, I will give him his bottle and he will kinda get rejuvenated. Happens not very often but when it does I get tired myself laying there with him until he falls asleep. Our mattress is also on the floor, it makes co - sleeping so much easier.

I can only imagine how tired you are being 36 weeks pregnant. I would utilize DH as much as you can once the new baby is born. Bottom line, you are going to need help every now and then. Newborns are easier then toddlers (in my experience) and I would think that you could do night time together? Maybe your toddler will go to sleep a little easier since she is the big sister now? You never know. Things might change for the better.

But honestly, I do not have THAT much advice since I only have one child and I have not had to add a newborn to the mix. There are so many BTDT Mammas here, I am sure someone will have some great advice for you. Good luck! I hope you get some rest since that baby will be here soon!

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