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April 27th, 2013, 10:27 PM
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Wow! I still have never been to disney.. disney anywhere.. I was so close to doing it in France but I already did Paris and decided to do Spain instead and then some European Amusement Parks. I still want to go sooo bad.. but was thinking of maybe when Elliot is 3 or 5 or something I will take him on a Disney Cruise instead.. I cant wait to be able to bring him to the zoo and different places for him to explore.

Today was laundry day.. I didnt feel like folding right away so I left the last of it in the dryer.. Its now back on the de-wrinkle part so I can go fold it. Also, it was the first day someone else noticed him moving around in my stomach just by looking. lol. My sister was next to me and saw my stomach jump. lol. Normally I will go to show my mom and he will stop.. Other than that, a relatively unexciting Saturday.

I am sooooo counting down for Grandpa to go so I can get to deep cleaning that room and letting it air out a week or so and then scrubbing the bathroom and feeling like a clean house!! He leaves dirty dishes back there and locks the door when he leaves the house so Im thinking I need to buy ant poison or something just to make sure Ive got no little visitors in that room when I move my stuff in and the bassinet set up in there ready for his arrival. I hate all this waiting!!

Do you use "nursing" clothes like camis, nightgowns, or dresses? or are low cut loose fitting things just as good for you if you have used them at all? I saw it on some "what to bring to the hospital" lists..
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