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April 27th, 2013, 10:58 PM
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That is tough. I've dealt with this type of napper/sleeper, but never when another child was there needing my attention. That would definitely be a difficulty. I don't mean to discourage you at all. I've done this both the way you mention (keeping them on the bed) and the way IM mentions (letting them walk around and come back on their own).

I think part of finding what works depends on what the child is used to. There was one little boy who threw one unholy tantrum when I tried to keep him in his bed and sit next to him, so I just let him run confined to the room. He would come back and lay down next to me, get up and run, come back, get up, over and over. I know how exhausting that is, and it tests everyone's patience because they get more tired and fussy as time goes on. That was what we did every day though, and most days he fell asleep on his own with no fuss. It was his routine.

A little girl I watched would just go and go and go no matter how tired she was. She would not fall asleep unless she was made to stay put. She fussed a little, some days a lot, but it was the only way to get her to nap before a time that was so late it would have her up all night. There was another little boy who was so used to falling asleep to the tv that it was the only way to keep him still long enough to fall asleep. He would zone out and eventually drift off.

Like so many things, there's no set right answer. It would be nice if there was! It sounds to me like she thinks this is a game, and that may be giving her energy to keep playing it. It might be easier for you to let her get up and come back when she wants to. Do you think she would nap? It doesn't work with all kids but it might be worth trying for a week or so. It may also help if it is in a room with very little stimulation for her to engage in (toys, tv, etc). That is unless something like music, tv, or toys might keep her concentration long enough for her to zone out. It may even change from day to day; it is hard to know.

I really wish you luck! I hope you can find the way that works for you both soon.

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