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April 28th, 2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by alittlelost View Post
We go on the usual schedule. I would ONLY take them when they are sick, but because we homeschool and don't vaccinate we were told to bring them to all visits just to "protect ourselves"--we live in a state where child services like to get up your but over every non-mainstream choice you make. This is why so many kids of child abuse die down here. They are too busy harassing people for homeschooling and not vaccinating to do any good for the children being hurt...
I actually just noticed this last night when we were in the ER with my dd. She fell off a chair and bit through her lip. There was a hole right through her lip. And urgent care was closed on a saturday at 6. I thought that was the point of urgent care? Anyway we got there and they were asking me all kinds of questions like how did this happen? where were you? I see she has scrapes on her knees where are those from? Seriously?? She is 20 months old she runs around and falls on the sidewalk and the playground. I don't beat her geezz.. But they sure were acting like I was. Oh and she had a 99.4 temp and the nurse was like oh my she has a fever is she sick? I didn't think 99.4 was really a fever in small kids? Grrr.. anyway sorry for the long rant I just had to say that it is really sad and true.

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