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April 28th, 2013, 09:38 AM
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tuckr has been getting table foods and finger foods for a few months now, but at first he gagged on everything pretty much, but not so much that he chokes or pukes. but i usually let him clear it if he is gagging. he was never eating without me having my full attention on him. i found letting him gag a little (when he was interested and ready in the food) helped him learn to clear his throat himself. helped him get better tongue control. now he doesnt really gag much at all, here and there he will try putting to much in his mouth and gag a little but he gets it taken care of before i can even reach out my hand to him.
this kid can put stuff away too. like he shoved an ENTIRE nilla wafer cookie in his mouth and i was curious to see how he did and the little bugger chewed up the dang thing and swallowed it while babbling to me without even batting an eyelash.
gave me a heart attack and i was hovering 3 inches from him the whole time lol.

his doctor did tell me awhile back when we were fist getting him started on solids that if he doesnt take interest and actually want to put things in his mouth to eat than he wasnt ready. he told me that pretty mcuh once their pincher grip was in good practice and they used it to pick up things and put them in his mouth to start giving him more to actually chew.

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