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April 28th, 2013, 02:39 PM
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They wold still have fun at 3, I'm sure, but they are so limited what they can do at that age. A cruise might be different than the park, though. I know people who take their 3yo on a disney cruise with them (along with their 7 year old) and they all have fun, but they go EVERY year. If you are gonna go more than once, then I think it's fine to go at 3. If you might only go once every 10 years, I'd go when they are a little older. Either way, YOU should go somewhere and take a much needed vacation

It looks like I'll have (safely) about $600 for this shopping trip. I will probably buy (as far as major purchases go):
-Pack n Play
-Pack n Play Mattress
-baby swing
-Activity Gym
-and one or both of bouncer or rock and play. I can't pick between the two, but I probably really need to save money and only get one...
this: Sugar Plum
or this: My Little Snugabunny

then next time I will get a carseat and some other things. I have SO much to get still...

I have to put off the stroller, because the one I want is WAY out of my budget, and I barely use a stroller. But I also know if I don't get the right KIND of stroller, I'll NEVER use it. So, I'm starting to wonder if getting a stroller would be a waste for me either way. I want to say it won't be if I get the right one (because it's easier to walk with baby in a stroller, due to temperatures in florida, than in my baby carrier, BUT I already own several baby carriers and that could save me money. Grrr. I hate having a budget. Who doesn't Although, the stroller would really be the last "major" purchase. The rest is things like towels and healthcare kits and a little more clothes and some baby toys, etc.

I forget which brand makes the long torso nursing tanks, but there is one out there that is pretty good.

For the pillow, it won't hurt to bring one, but I don't remember if I did or if I needed one or not. That was 6 1/2 years ago the last time I had a hospital birth. I know I didn't need one in the birth center, but that's partly because they have a queen size bed there for you and a birthing tub so you don't really need anything.
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