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April 28th, 2013, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bryan and nina View Post
Oh no Emily. I hate to hear that. What will you try next.
I made some puréed peas yesterday and froze them, I guess those will be next on the list later this week. I tried carrots again today and she took a few bites and had some orange poop a few hours later .

About "depriving" babies of meat...

I have a friend who simply DOES not understand why anyone would choose not to eat meat. She has asked me several times if I will raise my kids vegetarian and has said "girl, you better give your babies meat or else I'll have to come give them protein myself!"

Same friend is constantly posting pictures of her kids shoving nasty, processed crap into their mouths. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, pork rinds, fries, donuts, etc. If someone wants to judge my diet and the potential diet I may feed my kids one day, fine, but back it up with a healthier diet than mine.

/endrant, sorry
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