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April 29th, 2013, 07:46 AM
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[It's a BOY! Oh my gosh! I can not believe it!]

Everything went sooo well. Once we got there all the nervousness I had throughout the whole day just disappeared. It was so nice just to enjoy the entire time. The minute she put the wand up I saw the heartbeat and all was good Then she moved around and I saw that little ding-a-ling She went over everything though and he looked super great and healthy. He was moving like crazy some I felt, some I didn't. The reason I haven't been feeling him as much as my girls is because my placenta is in the front. Ha, I knew it. But yeah, I'm just so happy that he's healthy.

It's for sure a BOY! No finding it!


My gender scan is TODAY!!!! I'm *FREAKING* out! Seriously, I've already had a tough time not trying to pysch myself out the last couple days and I woke up this morning and just haven't stopped shaking. Both because I'm excited and somewhat nervous. We are going back to the same place where we found out the bad news about Everleigh, so whew, lots of emotions. I know it'll be good, but still.... nervous. And I think if DH hadn't been so insistent to "get the bad taste out of this mouth" from this place I would have been content waiting for our anatomy scan in June. But here we are! I'm sure everything will be ok... just emotions And I guess it wouldn't be so bad but this kid is SO laid back! I only feel tiny movements and rolls, no karate chops like my girls have done by this point.

But really, my excitement is more 80% to the 20% nervousness I'm SUPER stoked to find out what this kid is! And super stoked that I can finally start preparing for a HIM or a HER!

So what do you girls think it is?! Girl or Boy???

Mother's Intuition: Boy
Chinese Gender: Boy (right with my 3 girls too)
Old Wives Tale: Girl
Shettle's Method: Boy
Intelligender: Boy
NT Scan/Nub Theory: I didn't get a great view, but I did think it looked more boy.

As far as my pregnancy goes, I do feel this is more boy. I have been way more on edge/rage-like, then I was with my girls (way more emotional with them). Morning sickness lasted longer and was more intense. And this one just seems more laid back, like I said.

Either way we will be THRILLED! DH is really kinda hoping for a boy, and I am for him, but seriously. As long as Babe is healthy that is all we care about.

My appointment is at 5:30. I already took 2 sets of gender reveal pictures yesterday with the girls so they are ready to go. I'm not sure if DH and I will go out after for dinner. But I won't leave you all hanging until like 8pm or whatever.
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