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April 29th, 2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Effervescence View Post
I haven't really done the meal plan for this week yet. I have some HUGE drama going on with my grandparents this week. Basically we are moving them here to Ohio from Florida "against my grandma's will." (They are all alone down there and my grandpa fell a second time within weeks from the last time he fell in the driveway-both times he was outside on the ground for hours before someone saw him and called 911.) It is going to be so stressful and hectic moving them in that I'm sure we'll be doing crock pot all week.

Tonight is apple and gouda chicken sausage and brussels sprouts, and baked chicken for lunch, we had breakfast "burritos" and strawberries for breakfast. Tomorrow will probably be grapefruit for breakfast and after that I haven't a clue. We'll see! I'm doing the shopping list now.I'm thinking cinnamon slow cooked pork with parsnips, greek stew, and asian lettuce wraps for dinners, and salads and smoothies for lunches. MIL went to Costco and really over bought for her and FIL so she generously gave me a TON of greens and veggies- we have salad out our ears! LOL! I am really craving tuna salad, so I think I'll have that once this week.
Sorry to hear about your grandpa. It must be so difficult for people when they get older and are unable to be as independent as they were before. I dread getting older.

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