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April 29th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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With my first pregnancy I was so laid back & not impatient, didn't worry, etc. This one is a whole new ball game! I was on the fence about paying for an elective ultrasound & finally decided against it. My 20 week scan is 5/23 & felt like it would takew forever to get here. My husband then got word he was being sent away for work for a month & would be leaving a week before. So that gave me more than enough reason to do the elective. So I have one set up for tomorrow & I'm so excited! After I booked it, we got word he may not be going to work until the end of May so I guess technically I don't have to have the elective one, but now I'm just too excited to cancel it! But I totally get how you feel, if I would've waited I know how the time would've stood still until the 23rd. Now I bet it will fly.
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