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April 29th, 2013, 01:34 PM
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Copying and pasting my 16 week appt update:
April 19th 2013 16 weeks 5 days
I had my 16 week appt on Friday. Nothing much to report except that, since I was feeling a little anxious abt not feeling any baby movement for a while after having felt it early on, it was a big relief to hear that awesome sound. The HB was at 155 - 156

I have gained 10 lbs so far. Not bad I think

I touched on the subject of labor and delivery. This was the NP I was seeing at this appt. - I asked her if pushing positions other than the semi sitting/ on may back position would be possible and she was like, "well if you are getting the epidural, you wont have use of your legs & no other position would be feasible...but you can ask the doctor at your next appt and she might have some suggestions"

Oh well...we'll see. May be another reason not to get the epidural?? But last time, I was able to feel and move my legs and even though I didn't try I am sure I could have supported myself in a squating position... Also aren't there things called "walking epidurals" . Definitely have some questions for my next appt.

Today's update:
April 29th 18 weeks and 1 day
Well I am nearing the half way point and it seems to be going faster than ever. First things first. Symptoms.
  1. No more nausea!! Have been nausea free for atleast a week. I think I took one zofran early last week because I was feeling slightly uneasy and didn't want to throw up all of a sudden, but it was really more precautionary than anything. So woo hoo!!
  2. Occasional heartburn - nothing major...I had one very bad episode of heart burn which was soon alleviated by eating a bowl of plain yoghurt.
  3. Braxton Hicks. Now these are major. They started about a week back and they make me uncomfortable...they last for abt 10 -15 mins and occur about once or twice a day. Some days none. But I get a bit short of breath and really uncomfortable when they come. I don't remember them being this way last time, atleast not until somewhere during the third trimester. But I am not worried...yet!
  4. I think I feel movement...but not sure yet. I only felt it may be once last week. At this point I am completely questioning my early on baby movement sensations!!
  5. Almost all food except pure proteins like eggs give me a bad sour after taste still. But its nothing too bad...
  6. Migraines. I've managed to dodge those awful 48 - 72 hr ones. But I do get them occasionally especially during weekends probably because of change in routine, extra work etc.
  7. The pelvic pain has eased off this last week. But I'm sure its just a period of lull before its back again. The week before than I had some intense paina nd difficulty moving in bed. I have an appointment with the chiro on May 13th to get some work done regardless.

Thats it with the symptoms. At home we have had a momentous change. Lekha has started sleeping in her own room in her brand new twin bed!! It is both exciting and sad for us. She is being a big girl about the whole thing and is really sticking to her end of the bargain and has been sleeping through the night in her room. (she came into our room half way during the first night and then when DH took her to her room and tucked her back in she went right back to sleep!!) It actually seems harder for us than for her. We miss her But I am also enjoying finally being able to cuddle with DH again when we sleep.

That's it with the updates. My next appt with the Ob is on May 15th and I will be having the big u/s on the same day!!
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