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April 29th, 2013, 02:45 PM
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Sorry this is kind of "high school-ish drama" so I do apologize but it's something that has really started to get to me recently!

Has anyone else noticed some of their friends have disappeared since being pregnant? I know I should be looking it as being better because then they weren't really my friends to begin with but I can't help but feel so hurt!

It started when my Sister and I sent out the baby shower invitations through email. I did a mass Facebook message to the people I wanted to invite asking for their email addresses and you know how it shows when certain people have "seen" the message? Well there were more than a handful that saw it but never responded. No big deal, I wasn't bothered then. It wasn't until later when I sent out another message to everyone saying I had sent out the invite and if you didn't receive one to let me know and again, certain people read it but didn't respond. So then that annoying little insecure voice in the back of my head was like, "Maybe they don't want to go? Or CAN'T go?!!" Ughhhh lol

Some people started RSVPing that I knew were friends with the "disappearing" friends and I got worried they might just show up with them! Since my Sister is making all the food herself I didn't want to run out because we had unexpected people show up you know?! So I sent ONE LAST message asking people to RSVP as soon as they could so we can get food arrangements going and hoping to see them all there and you guessed it! People read the message but didn't respond..

Anywho this is becoming a long story lol I reached out to two of said friends that used to hang out with me all the time and we worked together and were really good friends and I asked them how they were doing and that I missed them and hoped to see them when I came down for my baby shower... asked if they were going to be able to make it and no reply... NOTHING! No text back or anything! And I can't help but feel so hurt that these people I thought were my good friends and enjoyed being around me didn't even have the decency to respond back to me anymore :'(

I know it's soooo immature of me, not to mention INSECURE of myself to let something so dumb bother me but since I moved to Colorado I don't know ANYONE here. So I get really lonely being at home all day with just my dog and even depressed sometimes and so to have some of my friends back home not even responding to me anymore really sucks. I thought they would be happy for me but instead couldn't care less! :'(

I'm going to try to get into a mom's group here once we get our second car to us that we had to leave in Arizona but until then my friends back home (and now YOU LADIES) are the only people I have besides my BF of course. Now I'm worried about my baby shower and what if these people do show up? I know I would be upset if they did! Ummm you can't even respond to my messages or texts and you're just going to show up like it's ok?! It's the principal you know? I get that from my mom... lol But I would seriously want to say something b*itchy like, "Oh hi! Yeah... you weren't sent an invitation so... BYE! " LOL!!! I would NEVER do that but I would want to ;-P
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