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April 29th, 2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by melissamarie247 View Post
Being alone through this is both awesome (not having to cater to anyone or share a bed)

I think there have got to be good mom groups out there for both of us! Making friends as adults is soo incredibly frustrating!
Omg yes, not having to share a bed is AMAZING! One of my favorite things about being here visiting my mother lol I'm sure BF has enjoyed it too because I become this Demonic Bubble Enforcer at night and if he gets too close to me I will literally push him away.. so MEAN! I don't know what comes over me lol

I agree! Why is it so difficult to find TRUE, SINCERE friends as adults! I HATE drama and people who feel like there's this constant battle to be better than you.. it's like omg... can't we just go get some drinks and laugh?!! >_<
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