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April 29th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by melissamarie247 View Post
I feel the EXACT same way!! I left my ex in NY back in July.. I came here and got back in touch with a group of girls I used to know when I was here before (I lived here like 11 months after college).. well, I got pregnant and they stopped responding to texts or stopped talking to me so much.. not inviting me out like they used to when doing dinner or something.. sooo, when it came down to a baby shower invite, nobody RSVPd after 2 weeks of being out there.. so I just cancelled the whole thing. I would rather NOT do a baby shower than to plan for people I dont care so much to see anymore. I cant wait to join a mommies group.. I just might feel a little left out being single and most mommy groups are stay at home moms with husbands at home so they never want to get together without the guy. I miss social interaction.. Thats why Im on here a lot. This group keeps me sane when most of my friends are all over the world and not here (I grew up in a military family)
I'm a stay at home mom and would love to get together with another mom occasionally for lunch, etc.. but- I don't have anyone who likes to do that, or can't etc.. I miss social interaction too!!!! dh doesn't like to go out at all, and he is NOT a good communicator. Makes for a very lonely life, I agree.
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