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April 29th, 2013, 06:00 PM
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His delivery was so wonderful! I wish that my mom could have been there with me. :/ She's my best friend, so that's the only thing I wish was different. Thanks ladies.

A little more about Philip.....
I didn't get to post much here during my pregnancy with him b/c I was soooo sick. The first two trimesters were the pits! We tried to find out what he was on u/s and that little booger wouldn't give up the goods. Everyone one was CONVINCED he was a 'she' b/c I was so dang sick. I just kept saying, whatever 'it' is I don't care, as long as it's a healthy baby. At around 32 (?) weeks we discovered it was a BOY! Hah! (My mom was a little disappointed, heh heh. FOUR grandsons and counting.....) A little before finding out his sex, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the most heart wrenching experience of my life. My grandpa was so sad he wouldn't get to see 'snigglefritz' come into the world. I ended up helping my mom take care of my grandpa almost 24/7 and while in the hospice house, he had a profound vision before he died. It involved the disciples and the three crosses from the bible. I knew then that Philip would be named after one of the disciples as an awesome reminder of my grandfather and the last days of his life. I gave my husband the list and said pick one of these names.... no if's and's or but's. Philip's middle name is Frederick which was my grandpa's middle name also. He's just grandpa's little angel!
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