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April 29th, 2013, 06:43 PM
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How many diapers do you have at the moment? (Disposable diapers that is)

I ordered a box of 276 count size 1 from and they came today. Well MIL ordered a box (not sure the count or size) months ago. As I was walking upstairs my FIL told me that I should not order anymore diapers or buy anymore diapers because my church is doing a "diaper drive" for me and on top of that I have a shower this weekend and a shower at work next week and that I could get a bunch of diapers.
I was a bit taken a back by that comment as you can really never have TOO MANY diapers and on top of all that, unless everyone comes to all the showers bringing at least 2-3 packs/boxes of diapers, you still won't have enough just from those showers.
I am really not sure what to think.

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