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April 29th, 2013, 06:54 PM
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Totally forgot to post this...good thing this is the last one for now!

I am our last COTW We will follow the below schedule, but I don't have to answer it on every day, it depends how much time I have

This is REALLY fun if you all ask questions. So please ask questions for me in this thread, that I will hopefully have time to get to by Friday.

Want to sign up or see the schedule? Have questions on how it works? Check it out here:

MONDAY: Introduce yourself...pretty self explanatory but you can tell us as much as your comfortable about yourself, your loved ones, your job, etc.

TUESDAY: List 15 random facts about yourself. This is always a fun thing to do, and lets us get to learn more about your life that might not come up in a normal conversation

WEDNESDAY: Picture Day...if you have access to a camera, or already have pics on your computer, now is the time to show us your beautiful self, family, house, car, pets, etc. If you don't have personal pics, you can post pics you can find via Google and tell us about them and how they relate to you (example: my dream car, dream house, fantasy vacation, etc)

THURSDAY: Bucket List....make a list of 10-20 things you would like to do before you "kick the bucket"

FRIDAY: Question Friday....this is the day you'll get the chance to respond to all the questions that the ladies give you. If any questions come up that you don't feel comfortable answering, either state that, or PM the person asking to let them know you won't be answering, rather than ignoring it.

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DS2: L 3/30/2014
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