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April 29th, 2013, 07:43 PM
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I agree. I just can't even imagine someone taking my kids away. That would be so unhealthy for them. I think it's great to cut corners on things like bedding. I got bedding with my first two kids, and honestly, you get sick of it and then want to buy new bedding. Easier to just buy a variety of blankets you like and save yourself the money.

With the destruction, well, mostly it's because my oldest was at one point low functioning autistic and really destructive, and my youngest picked up on behaviors from that. My oldest is actually fine now, 99% of the time. Every now and then he still has a destructive outburst. But my youngest now does it all the time, like when he gets a time out or nap time or bed time. We really give him every opportunity to avoid that, though.

I'm glad things are looking up for you now. It sounds like they are! You really are an amazing woman.

My midwife checks my urine at every visit. So did my previous midwives (ie; mini OBs). You are right though that the real important thing is that your baby is healthy. If you don't think your care team is missing anything and you trust them to make the best decisions during your birth, that is what is important. I do think a doula is a great idea for you, though, if you can swing it! They will be as hands off or hands on as you want, too--but it will be good to have someone to advocate for you and keep you informed if something comes up that you aren't prepared for and you want to make sure the hospital doesn't take advantage of you.

It has been overcast and a little rainy down here today. Not too bad. I am exhausted though and have to get up early. I'll probably go to bed early, too. It's a bad day for me to get anything done so I didn't even try. Mondays are always the most hectic, and I did get the laundry dropped off, mail dropped off, and did some work on the art for the girls' room. I still need a shower.
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