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April 29th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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hello ladies. i am 28 from california. i posted my story in another thread with questions i had. Now i would like to post it here so you can get to know me a little better.

in Dec 04 i was in a car accident and started to bleed heavily so went to emergency. turns out i was pregnant and had no idea. i didnt even think i could get pregnant. i ended up miscarrying. in april of 05 i found out i was pregnant again and that lasted about 3 months till i lost that one too. that was very hard for me. it ended up not working out with me and the guy anyways. so i dated here and there but nothing serious. now i am with the love of my life. it will be 5 years next month and i am still soo in love with him. we have been sexually active and every once in awhile i hope that i would become pregnant but it hasnt happened. i havnt really did too much to help the chances of it happening either. but this month its different. we both want it bad now. i have recently lost 40lbs and my dr said every thing looks good. so i have been researching alot about ovulation and cm and other things i need to know and i have learned alot. this month i also bought the clear blue ovulation test kit (the one with the happy face) i also use this app called "my days" to track my period, most fertile days and when i should be ovulating. so, day 1 of my 5 most fertile days was on the 24th of this month and lasted till the 28th with the 29 suppost to be the day i ovulated. on the 24th i got a smiley face on my opk and during the day i felt a sharp pain on my right side that lasted all day. me and my hunny have been doing the bd twice a day since the 24th till today. yesterday i finally got my egg white like discharge but i was a little scared because it had blood in it. we bd'd anyways
so long story short. i hope this is our month.
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