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April 29th, 2013, 08:40 PM
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Hey I'm so glad you are feeling better! nausea SUCKS! Mine is finally letting up as well.

I wanted to chime in and say that there is a such thing as a 'walking epidural' but there are two things you need to know about it.. 1. most hospitals don't do it, and those who do still wont let you actually walk while having one in place because you are a risk to them of falling and hurting yourself.
2. you may have had a walking epidural with your previous birth if you think you could have supported yourself with it in place.
3. Even if a hospital offers it, you can't usually select your anethisiologist and depending on who you get and what mixture of drugs they use (because they are all different) you may or may not have an actual 'walking epidural'...
all these things are based off from what nurses and doctors have told me at my clients births at several different hospitals... so they may not be 100% accurate but it is my understanding.
And I highly recomend going med free if you think you are up for it.. no pressure of course, but I had pitocin with my son and no epidural, and the rush I got after he was born was just AMAZING! the pain went immediately away, and a majority of my doula clients have opted for the epidural at some point during their labor, and those who do have never told me about the rush after the baby is born... either they don't have it because they don't experience the pain, or it isn't as significant because they don't experience the pain.. I'm not really sure about it... but the mama's who go all natural and do it without the pain meds have all commented on that rush.
just food for thought. good luck at your next appointment!
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