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April 29th, 2013, 10:00 PM
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When we moved last year, we decided not to move to the school district that we had always wanted to move to when we had kids. While we both would love to live in the districts we attended, it just wasn't possible. DH's district is an EXCELLENT district (HS is in the top 100 in the nation according to US News), but the housing costs are quite high and we could get more house for our money elsewhere. My HS is also excellent (in the top 25 in the state per US News), but the location isn't convenient to either of our offices.

When we moved last year, we originally wanted to move to the neighboring district. We could move just a few minutes down the road, be in a better rated district (HS's is in the top 35 in the state per US News, and the district overall has achieved the highest rating possible in Ohio), and still have a convenient drive to work. Unfortunately, housing in that school district is a little more expensive. The district is also having a difficult time passing school levies and has made a lot of cuts. Our current district is still good; it has achieved the 2nd highest rating but the HS is not ranked by US News at all. While they are also having funding issues (who isn't?), they've made fewer cuts and housing is slightly more affordable. So we stayed in our district because basically, if the district goes down the tubes later on we'd be better able to afford private school.

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