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April 29th, 2013, 10:52 PM
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alittlelost - See I thought that too, there is always another side to every story and yes maybe they are just sad because they want a baby. But still... if you were really someone's friend you wouldn't flat out ignore them!

mirdeemrlvs - omg how horrible for you! I'm so sorry... what the heck is his familie's problem?! I can't imagine how crazy I would get if my BF's family never had contact with me but then expected me to always be there. Why would anyone want to be somewhere where they don't feel wanted? Ugh! Thank you, I hope I find some new mommy friends too

cypressmama - Aww how awful! Yes I agree, my BF would NEVER make me choose between my best friend and him... I can see if like she had drug problems or got into a lot of trouble or something but still that's so sad :/ Yes very true about if only a few people show up, those are the ones that matter and care. I should keep reminding myself that and stop worrying about the ones that don't matter

I knew you ladies would make me feel better!
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