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April 30th, 2013, 05:42 AM
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How far along are you? 7 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss? 3 pounds, but it's just because I can't go to the bathroom! Sigh ...

Upcoming Appointments? May 8th! First u/s

Are you in Maternity clothes? Nope

How are you sleeping? I'm so tired all the time! I go to sleep well but wake up a lot in the night, Nights seems to take forever!

Food cravings? Not really. A sonic double cheeseburger has been the best thing I've eaten so far and I don't even like them. But at the time it was sooo good

Food Aversions? I hate the smell of everything! Coffee, food cooking, my dog, the outside .. weird

Pregnancy symptoms? Nausea, throwing up, tired, headaches, sore boobs

Weekly BOOO HOOOO? This m/s has kicked my butt!

Weekly WHOO HOOO? I feel better today after trying Unison and B6. I'm hoping it lasts!

What has you most excited about this baby? Having another little one to hold. The joy of discovery. It's like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one

What has you most scared about this baby? This is my fourth and I homeschool. I'm afraid of being overwhelmed

Anything fun going on this week? Our local Crisis Pregnancy Center in hosting a banquet tonight and Pam Tebow will be speaking.
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