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April 30th, 2013, 07:01 AM
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I just had a conversation about this with another student midwife a couple days ago while she was in labor. It was her 3rd baby, but her first labor. She said that "No one could prepare her for this. The way contractions feel is beyond words. Each one is different than the one preceding it. How can one compare a labor to another?"

I have to agree. All four of my labors were different from one another. I did have one painful labor. But I also had three labors where my contractions couldn't be described as painful. I would say intense and pressure were good words to describe my contractions. Like every muscle in my body wants to flex and tense radiating from my abdominal. Like diarrhea cramps mixed with menstrual cramps.

And then there is a shift when you start pushing. I always say those contractions feel like your body is trying to throw up out your butt. Lol. Those are like an involuntary heaving out of the baby.

So hard to describe. I don't know if we have words to describe it.
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