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April 30th, 2013, 08:03 AM
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Hmm good question!

I had no restrictions that I can think of, especially not post-delivery.

Chase's HR was dropping and I had to be hooked up to monitors at all times for him so I wasn't allowed to walk the hallway during labor. I wasn't even supposed to be allowed out of bed but they did let me sit up in the recliner for a bit. I would say that if you have an issue like this during labor, don't be surprised if you're not allowed to move around freely. I think, too, that had to do with having Cervadil placed too (but that was a few hours later).

During labor wasn't allowed to eat and that sucked so badly! I got to the hospital at 5am on 6/8 and didn't have Chase until 2am on 6/9 (and I woke right up and went to L&D, so I hadn't actually eaten since the evening of 6/7)! I wasn't even in active labor for MOST of that time, but still wasn't allowed to eat. I was given a popsicle around 7pm and then crackers and juice around 3am. Probably the worst experience of labor! lol
This time I am packing snacks! Not for labor, I won't ignore doctor's orders- but just in case I give birth when the hospital cafeteria is closed so I can have more than just crackers. lol

In terms of what the hospital supplied:
Pads for me (I actually really loved the gigantic pads, it was much less messy!)
Disposable mesh underwear (also a huge lifesaver- I plan to stock up on these before birth too)
Numbing spray for down yonder (LIFESAVER! Also buying this in BULK!)
Travel sized toiletries

Diapers (newborn sized with the little arch cut out to not irritate the umbilical cord)
Receiving blankets
Onesies (either onesies or white t-shirts, I can't remember which it was)

I'll bring my own toiletries, onesies/hats/mittens for the baby. Don't think I'll bring my pads or

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