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April 30th, 2013, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaniscooo View Post
THIS. lol. My favorite is "You do know how that happens, right?". My mother in law actually said to my husband, "You need to grow up and be responsible and learn how babies are made." and then hung up on him. They can be ridiculous but aside from my MIL everyone has been pretty happy for us. Don't let anyone's negativity bother you... I want everyone to be just as happy for this baby as they were for Avery so I know that's easier said than done. Another gem from my MIL... "I won't love this one as much as Avery. I don't want it." She's just a bundle of joy, my MIL. She's a peach for sure. I may have been naughty when someone say "You know how that happens, right?" and I responded "Yes we do! We're really good at it!" We will have 3 under 3, so I'm sure I'll hear it again. When one of my former students heard I was pregnant the second time, she said "Ms. D, you all need a new hobby."
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