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April 30th, 2013, 08:50 AM
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Hey guys, i'm new to this hope you can help me. For the last month or so I've been having what i thought were pregnancy symptoms.
Cramping in my lower tumnmy and back and lower back of hips. Dull aching sensation, not like ovulation pains or period cramps. My boobs are on and off tender, more tender when their touched or knocked. My nipples are more sensitive, i can feel more sensations on them than i could before, id say my nipples were more numb before. My veins in my boobs seem more visible and seem to be leading to my nipples? The thought of drinking or smelling coffee makes my tummy churn.
I had what i thought was my period on April 1st. It was more of a brown discharge and a orangy reddy mucus when i wiped. (I'm so sorry for the TMI). Today i was due my period. I had a red pink tinted mucus this morning so i put a pad on thinking AF was here but theres been nothing on my pad, apart from some red watery looking stuff that i could hardly make out. As the days gone on my pad hasn't had to be changed as theres nothing on it, only when i wipe do i have a spidge of blood? The blood is more when i wipe after a number2 (again sorry for the TMI) I hope you can help me as im really wanting to be pregnant but i dont want to get myself worked up and excited if you think its not??

Today my period seems heavier but still not what i would class as my regular period. When i woke up my pad had a line of browny reddy discharge, wasnt alot considering id been asleep for 9+ hours. I had a physio appt earlier today and when i got home sorry about this but when i wiped it was the heaviest it's been today. Does this all look positive?

Thankyou all x
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