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April 30th, 2013, 09:12 AM
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Sounds like you have a great plan.. I dont want to freak you out.. but I grew up in the military community with tons of moves all the time and I know sooo many women who got pregnant unexpectedly by a military man and down the road he was their dream man and it worked out for years down the line.. not saying you want this in any way.. but an unexpected baby can change your life in a more positive way than you could have ever dreamed down the road.

as for the doctors appointment.. I saw a doctor for confirmation around 6 weeks. I had my first appointment set for 10 weeks which was a meet and greet with the doctor and a few blood and urine tests. I did get some bleeding and clotting at 7 weeks that completely freaked me out and I ended up in the ER and saw the baby heart beat for the first time and my heart melted. Some things that seem so scary can be so normal apparently because I hit third trimester Friday and baby boy is perfect!

You should look into the Due Date Clubs on this site. It has been a major support for me. and get as much sleep as you can now. I worked too much during my first 2 trimesters and now that Im about to hit third, the baby kicks me when trying to sleep and Im up to pee a couple times a night.. But its so worth it! Those kicks are frustrating at times but lets me know little man is doing well. You'll be a great mama. I know it by the fact that you are already looking into the baby's best possible care.
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