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April 30th, 2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by alwayssmile View Post
Wow. That's ridiculous!

And yes, 99* is not a fever. Crazy people. I know they have to look over a child that's brought in, but there are better ways to phrase questions.

We got a letter a few months ago from the base clinic informing us that we had to take our son in to get all of his missing vaccines ASAP. My husband laughed and threw the letter away. I am waiting for them to contact his commander at some point because we don't vaccinate. They pretty much don't get why some families choose to not vaccinate on schedule. I know the risks and I am willing to accept them, so please leave us be!
How awesome of your DH to throw the letter away! Hopefully you don't hear anything from anyone. I don't understand why its any of other peoples business why I do or do not vax my kids.

That is awesome that they doctor comes to your house for visits!!

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