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April 30th, 2013, 10:23 AM
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It was crazy bc I just happened to be in the hospital but not bc anything was wrong but bc in another tangent of a dream I was there for someone else or something else. So, then the nurse lady was like "ok so you're 41 weeks, it's time to get that baby out" and she was making comments about how I shouldn't have waited so long to get in there. I remember saying "What's the big deal, I haven't even had any contractions all this time" and apparently this was my scheduled c/s that I guess I just forgot about and was coincidentally there for. She said "Yes you have, you had some on Monday, Tuesday and Friday". And then I realized it was true. Then she had a clipboard and was filling in some info and said "ok, so you and I think this is a boy" as if that was relevant medical info. DH was no where around but I knew he was going to be there soon. Then she got me onto a gurney and as she was wheeling me to the OR I was thinking "oh man, here we go, time to fight these ppl for my birthing preferences and I am sooooo not in the mood.". That was it. Wasn't a very uplifting dream but I thought the 41 weeks along and the days I had contractions part was interesting.

What about y'all, started having the hardcore Birth experience dreams yet?
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