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April 30th, 2013, 10:45 AM
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20 facts about me....

1. I love all things crafty. Sewing, knitting, scrapbooking....

2. I love "playing" like a little kid. Swinging at the park, swimming races in the pool, play-doh, coloring, bouncy houses, tickle and pillow fights, jumping on the bed in hotels....wonder why I made a great pre school teacher?

3. My fast food weakness is a whopper and fries from BK....and a LARGE Dr Pepper

4. I love the summer and everything that comes with it...pool, beach, and afternoon storms.

5. I prefer baths over showers.

6. I have a pretty "dark" sense of humor (love Family guy, South Park, Mitch Hedburg, and Andrew Jesilnik)

7. I love to watch "reality" TV like Dance Moms, Teen Mom, Cheer Perfection.

8. I don't like it when guys try to be "soft" and girly....I'd much rather have a dirty, rugged man with tattoos.

9. I like to laugh at "B" slice movies like Double headed Shark Attack and MegaShark Vs. Crockasarous....Yes that is a real movie! It's awesome (but in a whole different sense of the word)

10. DH and I tend to bust out in song and dance at any given time that we are "feeling it".

11. I don't listen to radio music....I have my own CD and record collection of music no one else has heard before....

12. I really don't mind most doesn't bother me...but I HATE dishes with everything I have!

13. I love my animals like they are children. I have 3 dogs and a rabbit.

14. I like to make up my own words and use them like everyone knows what I'm talking about. (buh-guh is my latest one, you know like ugh buh guh!)

15. Cooking is a new hidden talent that I didn't know I had....Now that I'm experimenting I'm realizing that I'm actually really good at it.

16. I love going bowling and playing games at places like Latitude 30 and Dave and Busters.

17. I LOVE going out to listen to local bands. Especially at the beach....

18. I love to play music by myself but hate performing and speaking in front of a group of people.

19. I'm pretty "quiet" until you get to know me....then I won't shut up.

20. I love any and all holidays! I always go all out for them!

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