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April 30th, 2013, 10:57 AM
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How far along are you? 7 1/2 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? lost 6 lbs

Upcoming Appointments? Appt on May 15 @1:15

Are you in Maternity clothes? no, but mainly yoga pants lol

How are you sleeping? Thats all I seem to do when I am not at work, maybe not sleep but lay around at least

Food cravings? nothing specific

Food Aversions? everything right now

Pregnancy symptoms? nausea, sore boobs, frequent urination, fatigue, back pain, headaches, did I say nausea?

Weekly BOOO HOOOO? having to get up and go to work

Weekly WHOO HOOO? every day at 5 when I get to go home and be lazy

What has you most excited about this baby? Getting to have a little sister/brother for my DD, and seeing my SO as a daddy!

What has you most scared about this baby? Another loss...

Anything fun going on this week? I live in Louisville, KY and this is Derby week! The city is crazy with festivals and things going on, can't decide if I am feeling ok to go to anything though...
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