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April 30th, 2013, 03:05 PM
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Crying is okay! Even when it's not a surprise, pregnancy is an emotional thing . I agree that there's no good time financially to have a baby, and I also don't think you should worry much about your job. You have nine months to either setup a support network of either trusted relatives or friends or a sitter if you decide you want to continue travelling for your job. People all over the world have children and demanding jobs, so you're not alone and there are ways to make it work smoothly.

On a biological level, you are at a great time to have a baby. At 31 you're still young enough to be considered low risk, and you'll bounce back quickly from pregnancy.

Most importantly, don't let your boyfriend or anyone else pressure you into an abortion. It's a decision you can never take back. If you are unsure, don't even consider an abortion.

Motherhood is a big deal, so it's no wonder you're feeling emotional. It's a decision you'll never regret, it's a journey that's not always easy but so filled with joy that you can't even begin to imagine until you feel those first flutters of movement and then finally hold that tiny son or daughter in your arms. Be encouraged! There are many women on Justmommies in your situation. Join a due date club and meet some women due the same time you are. It can help make it all more real, much less scary, and much more exciting.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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