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April 30th, 2013, 03:24 PM
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We're always on the lookout for trolls. We get quite a few characters sometimes! lol

Well, since you had what you thought was a period and then more bleeding on time, I would think the last may have been your period, but I could be wrong.

I had 6 days of implantation bleeding with this pregnancy. The first two days all I saw was a spot of blood no bigger than the head of a pin. That's a normal day before the bloodworks. The third and forth days I saw brown discharge only when I wiped. Figured it was just weird spotting leading up to the blood. The fifth and sixth days I saw pink when I wiped. I decided to do an internal check, and the blood was a dark maroon. Kinda dark red-brown. It got to my panty liner twice. Each time I was like, "Well, that looks red... must be my period!" *insert tampon* When I'd go to change it 4 hours later, there'd be nothing more than a tiny spot of brown on it. What the heck? Where'd my Aunt Flo get off to?

I came onto JM and asked if this might be a normal period for an annovulatory cycle. They all told me those are usually heavy heavy. A friend told me that I was pregnant. I took that test to prove her wrong. Pregnant!

My luteal phase had been short from breastfeeding. I think what happened was I did start my period because the bleeding came the day I should have started, but the egg implanted that day or the next. So there was some blood, but most of the lining stuck around for the baby. You can get cheap tests at the dollar store. You should go buy one. Only way to know is test!
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