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April 30th, 2013, 03:31 PM
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I know the big thing on everyone's mind is labor and birth and tiny squishy babies(!!), but lets talk about postpartum healing and how to cope with some of the discomforts which accompany that time.

I've seen a few recipes floating around the internet for herbal bath blends that mom and the new baby can soak in together. Or they can be steeped and used in a peri bottle to help sooth after you urinate (here, here, here, and here for example). I think they sound heavenly. I also know of a few companies that make and sell herbal bath blends, like EarthMamaAngelBaby and these sold from birth supply companies. Has anyone tried something like this? Do you have a favorite you would recommend?

What about tea or tinctures to ingest? I used WishGardenHerbs After Ease tincture after my last baby and I felt like it really helped the afterbirth cramps. What else is good?

And lets not forget "padsicles" (like here). Ahhh yes! I made some with aloe, which hazel and lavender and they were *amazing*! Highly recommend them!!

So BTDT moms: What were some of your favorite coping methods? Favorite comforting foods or drink? Did you receive any special pampering? Anything you didn't like?

And FTMs, feel free to jump in here too with your ideas

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