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April 30th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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Oh no!!!! That sucks!!!! We have an apartment sized one, and we've defrosted it once...I don't recall that happening! But it is a pretty small one for a deep freezer.

So. My Tassimo story. It never did work again after that day I mentioned before. So I called Tassimo. I said how I did everything in the troubleshooting and it just won't work. They said they would send me a new one, and it will include a shipping label and I can send the defective one back. Cool. So yesterday I missed Purolator and it says 2 boxes. I thought it was my Betty Boop stuff! Nope, I get there and there are two big boxes from Bosch. And they both have the same tracking number? Interesting. I get home, open the first box, and its a Tassimo. I open the other box. Its another Tassimo? Weird. I don't want to be charged for a 2nd so I call them and explain. They had NO record of sending me 2 (darn me and my honesty!), and can I send it back please? No problem. I set up my new Tassimo. Run the cleaning disc 5 times as I'm supposed to, and everything worked fine. Go to make my coffee. It started doing the same as my old machine - really loud and nothing coming out.


So I call them back. Tell them I am sending them TWO defective ones. And that if the 3rd one doesn't work, they need to send me another shipping label. So I set up the third the cleaning disc 5 times (no issues), and go to make my coffee....and it works!!!! YAY!!!!! Holy cow. Then I brought the two defective ones to Purolator. Since the two boxes they sent me had the same tracking number, my two shipping labels to send it back also had the same tracking number....but I didn't point that out to Purolator....I didn't even think to look until I got home. I hope they both make it there!!!

This one better not stop working. I am just pressing the button. Its not rocket science!
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