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April 30th, 2013, 05:38 PM
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Angel, I can definitely sympathize with you....

I was #4 of 5 children & was raised with many cousins always around. I loved every single moment of it! From the time I was very young I knew I wanted two things out of life -- become a doctor & become a mother of a large family, 6 at the very least, but ideally 10.

Fast forward to when I was16... I went into the hospital believing I was having my appendix removed & woke up being told they had to remove my one tube because it was missing some sort of duct, became inflammed, & ultimately became infected. A few months later my appendix ruptured and severly damaged my remaining tube. I was told at that time that the odds of having children without any medical intervention were slim - maybe 10%. I realize I was young, but I was BEYOND devastated! I felt as if part of my dreams were just going up in smoke...

It was shortly after all that, that my best friend, an only child, had asked me to marry him, knowing that I may never bare him any children, even though he was just as passionate as I was about having a large family. We had plans to wed as soon as I finished high school, move to Boston where I was accepted into Harvard Medical School.

About a year after my surgery, I had a follow-up to discuss testing on the stability of my remaining tube & to see if it was or would ever function properly despite the exterior damage. I was shocked that during the ultrasound, we discovered I was pregnant (despite me being on birth control pills). My doctor was ecstatic & claimed that this was a miracle that may never happen again. I gave up Harvard & figured that I would devote every single moment to my 'miracle', thinking it would never happen again.

Further testing after I gave birth raised even more questions because the remaining tube was far from stable & 'medically' should not be functional. The chances of another 'natural' occuring pregnancy were lowered to <2%.

Well, 7 live children later & now currently expecting, those same supportive & ecstatic doctors keep inquiring as to whether or not I'm done. Althoug I love those doctors because they've been there since this whole ordeal started 15 years ago, EVERY single OB appointment is dreaded because of the 'are you done yet' questions & the whole 'you should really appreciate what you have... you don't know how lucky you are' type of comments.

So now my husband is becoming increasingly annoyed & I am too. We wonder if we should just 'settle' & 'give in' to the doctors requests or find new doctors.... I have to partially agree with them because of my history with c-sections, but I just fear, like you, my heart will ache & I will resent my decision later.
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