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April 30th, 2013, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MerinSun View Post
Are you planning on pumping for work? I opted to sleep instead of getting up to pump. This meant I had to supplement sometimes with formula. I felt bad about that but the trade off was that I was a better rested and happier person for Alex. As long as you're feeding on demand during the day your supply shouldn't take a hit at all (as in wither up and go away. It will decrease some to adjust but if this is worrisome for you add a pump or two during the day).

Cluster feeding! *#$*#$*^@#*(@&#(*a#$8723497#[email protected]** Is what I have to say about that, lol! Thankfully it's not forever and when it becomes too much for you it's time to hand the baby over to your SO or another family member for them to wear (The sleepy wrap was great for this) or to be placed into a stroller and taken on a walk. If you feel like you're too stressed out then you probably are and need a bit of peace. Seriously, your breasts are amazing machines and they'll handle whatever you throw at them
I'm not going back to work any time soon, but I would like to pump to have some stored just in case someone needs to watch her or in case of an emergency. I was just wondering what happens at night when baby starts sleeping thru the night and we don't have to feed them as much. I'm not looking forward to the cluster feelings lol
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