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April 30th, 2013, 09:32 PM
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We put an offer in on a house yesterday... and they accepted it! We were shocked, we were both totally prepared for a counter offer because our realtor told us to offer them 15k under asking price AND for them to pay closing costs.

He called us tonight and told us they accepted it... on one term: We can't close until June 26.

That wouldn't be SO bad but we're closing on OUR house on May 31 :\ lol

So that leaves me and the kids "homeless" for about a month... we have family to stay with, so that's okay but the biggest issue is I will literally have no help moving out of this house OR moving into the new one. DH will be out to sea again during those times...

So YAY for accepting, but BOO on making me have to figure out alternate plans lol

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