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April 30th, 2013, 10:19 PM
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well i got dd to sleep in only 15 minutes tonight. i'm not proud of how i achieved that though. no it didn't involve crying or drugs. but it did involve some loving physical restraint. (i can explain!)
after just a 40 minute nap in the afternoon she was rather mellow for the rest of the day. she was obviously very tired but got a second wind at bedtime (of course). she was full of energy, trying repeatedly to walk out of bed. she just couldn't even entertain the idea of relaxing. like the girl NinjaCakes described i knew she just needed to stay put. so i tried laying my leg across her back with only enough pressure to prevent her from rolling over or escaping. she fought it and whined intermittently for a few minutes but was fast asleep after five minutes. it was bittersweet but i won't lie: after dealing with this issue for over a week having some quiet time with dh tonight was more sweet than bitter!
i just wonder whether or not it would be appropriate to continue doing this.
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